WIP – A generic desert/arid compound

After a fit of inspiration caused by this thread on, I’ve managed to cobble together a generic 15mm compound based on those seen round about the Middle East.

I had already started building 2 Middle Eastern type houses from 5mm foamboard so I decided to base them on a piece of polystyrene (that once supported a pizza) and add more foamboard to build a wall around it. Unfortunately when I was adding a 3rd small building I ran out of foamboard and had to improvise with a nearby (a lot of my terrain building decisions are based on proximity) bit of balsa wood. It won’t be noticeable when the filler goes over everything.

I made a slight boo-boo with the roof on the smaller building, it’s sloping quite a bit and has now set so I’ll need a quick bit of improvisation to hide that.

Hopefully I’ll get this finished soon and get it on the gaming table.