The Plan for 2013

I have a few ideas about what I want to do gaming wise this year, and in the longer term.


There are a few sets of rules that I want to try out this year, probably focusing mainly on Sci-Fi. As I play solo by choice, 5150 Star Army and New Beginnings will probably feature prominently with Tomorrows War coming in a close second. I also have a copy of Gruntz which looks really good, I might see if I can use the multi-base option for infantry to use for larger actions in 6mm.

For Fantasy the three sets from Two Hour Wargames (Rally Round The King and the two Warrior Heroes titles) should have everything covered.

I’d also love to have a crack at All Things Zombie – Final Fade Out. The 15mm Post Apoc. miniatures coming out from Khurasan Miniatures might prove too tempting to avoid.


15mm will be my scale of choice. I should really concentrate on that but I will probably have a go  at 6mm too. Space is at a premium, long gone are the days when I could use a 6×4 table, so nothing bigger than 15mm is on the cards. I already have piles of 6mm and 15mm Fantasy plus 6mm Sci-Fi from days gone past and it would make sense to use them.


I’ve never been one for sticking to official universes or the like (Star Wars being the exception) so I’ll most likely be creating my own.

My Sci-Fi influences are many and varied, ranging from Star Wars to Jerry Pournelle’s Co-Dominium/Falkenberg novels. At the moment I can see myself creating at least two settings, one a near future low tech setting very heavily influenced by the Flakenberg novels and another high tech far future universe taking ideas from Traveller, Mass Effect, Star Wars and the like.

They may both end up being part of the same timeline, with a space opera Traveller style civilisation growing out of the grittier, more realistic near future one.

The Blog

This blog has been thrown together pretty quickly and I hope to do a bit more work on it in the future. I’m a Web Developer in the real world but I haven’t worked with WordPress for quite a few years. I can see this blog being a central site with a few satellite sites for the different settings I create. That might prove to be too ambitious.

Getting Started

What I wan’t to do to get things started is to develop the low tech setting mentioned above. As I’m in the U.K. it will have a very British flavour to it. What I want to do is start a counter-insurgency campaign based around a British unit during the breakup of Earth’s first interstellar government. That will be the subject of my next post.