Taking stock, a quick painting update and future plans

It’s been a while since my last update, gaming has had to take a back seat again as real life got in the way. Last year I managed to get some minis. painted and even managed a quick game of Tomorrows War though I’ve managed to loose the pictures and notes from that. If I find them I’ll post them up.

Quite a few gamers post their goals and plans for the upcoming year in January but seeing as I’ve already missed the boat with that one I’ll be dong mine in February! I’m loathe to call them goals as I know it’s unlikely things will go as planned so let’s just call them a “nice to have achieved but I won’t get too worked up if I don’t get there”. Life’s too short for that.

This week I’ve managed to get more Space Demons painted up, making a total of 48 plus a Queen to boss them around. Over the last 4 or 5 months I’ve developed a basing method (shown below) that I’m happy with so I’ll be working on re-basing a about half of what I’ve painted over the past year or so. Re-basing makes it sound like a lot of work but all it will need is a bit of White Pumice gel, some paint and some static grass.

Painting Update

Over the last week I’ve finished off 12 Space Demons that have been nearly finished since mid January.

Not the best picture, that is something I need to get sorted out this year though a new camera isn’t a top priority.

The second batch are some GZG New Israelis, one of the older packs but still great figures that stand the test of time well. I’ve went for an overall grey colour scheme after seeing these on Mr Harold’s Clear Horizon blog though I didn’t quite manage to get them up to his high standard.

They need a wee something to make them stand out, probably a subtle green or orange on the visor. I might take advantage of the light grey colours and make them elite or special forces recon troops, probably called Ghosts or something similar.

Future Plans

What I want to aim for is enough painted figures to start my long planned New Anglian Royal Marines mini campaign where they are “investigating” a corporate research base that was overrun with Space Demons.  I do seem to have an interest in The Royal Marines, undoubtedly because my father was one.

I’ve already played a game that is a sort of prelude to this with things not working out too well for my intrepid band of starship crew / spies. When I say not to well I really mean they got their arses well and truly kicked. This included one of the main characters being carried away as a nursery for some alien larvae. Though as I like a bit of space opera with my sci-fi there is a twist to that unfortunate ending.

After a bit of thought I’ve came up with a name for my overall “universe” which is Aegis. The central idea is that humanity have been engineered by an ancient alien race as allies in a dangerous universe (they take the long view) but are effectively a shield. Hence the name Aegis; Shield of the Gods.

Each campaign plus the overall story to have their own mini websites, this should give it the feel of a series of films/books which is one of my overall goals for this in the first place. I build websites for a living so this shouldn’t be too difficult. This blog will be a central place for ideas, painting updates and such with the campaign websites having background information, timelines and AARs. At least thats the plan.

As well as the bug hunt I’d also like to do a counter-insurgency campaign based heavily on the Falkenberg’s Legion series of books with some ideas from recent conflicts thrown in too. I have some Rebel Miniatures Sahadeen that will be the core minis. for the rebels/freedom fighters (delete as appropriate) though based in a Mediterranean or temperate climate.

This should keep me occupied gaming wise for the next few years at least.