Some Dirtside 2 house rules from way back

I just noticed today that there is a Dirtside forum on The Miniatures Page! It’s a game I have great fondness for though I haven’t played it for a LONG time and although my main interest right now is 15mm Sci Fi, I still have my 6mm stuff in boxes somewhere. I don’t know if I still have my printed copy of DSII but it is free to download from GZG.

After that wee bit of nostalgia, I though it might be good to dig out some house rules I posted on my original website about 15 or so years ago, so here they are.

Heavy power armour

  • 6 chits to destroy.
  • May be armed with 1 class 1 weapon.
  • 55 points.

Fast walker

  • Class 1 and 2 combat walker’s only.
  • Basic move 15″.
  • Cost 125%.

Jump troops

  • Up to 3 times normal movement.
  • Twice normal price.
  • Not available for Heavy Power Armour.
  • Draws 1 chit if lands in poor terrain. Red and Yellow chits valid.
  • Draws 2 chits if lands in difficult terrain. Red and Yellow chits valid.
  • Destroyed if lands in impossible terrain.
  • If no line of sight to landing area when jump made, then all chits are valid.

IAVR mine

  • Penetrates as IAVR.
  • Detonated by command(controlling unit must be able to see both mine and target) or is triggered by a vehicle moving within range.
  • Remove from play when fired.
  • 10 points.
  • +5 points if fitted with IFF(only attacks enemy vehicles).

APFC mine

  • Range 2″.
  • Front(180 degrees) only.
  • Within 1″ draw 2 chits(as APFC).
  • Between 1″ and 2″ draw 1 chit.
  • Remove from play when fired.
  • Either command or automatic detonation.
  • 5 points.

Demolition Rocket Launcher(DRL)

  • 3″ range.
  • Draws 2 chits.
  • Red/Yellow chits vs. armour/buildings.
  • Yellow chits vs. Infantry.
  • 10 points.

I have had it in the back of my mind to have a go at this again and seeing as the rules still seem to have enough users to warrant a TMP forum all of its own I might just do that.