Power generator and some soft transport

I’ve been more productive in the past few weeks than I have been for a long time. I’ve set up a painting workflow that seems to be helping me get things done. More on that in another post maybe.

First off are 2 Matchbox vehicles that will act as generic soft transport. Not 100% happy with the green I’ve used, I think it’s a bit dark.

10 years ago I ordered some 6mm sci-fi buildings and naval craft that have sat in a box. Since then I’ve decided to concentrate on 15mm so they’ll be in that box for quite a while yet but one of the items is a building that looks like a power generator. I think it would work well enough in both 6mm and 15mm as long as I keep it generic enough looking.

There are a few pressure vessels/containers from that order I’ve also got primed that will work with 15mm. Along with them are some Rebel Minis. Sahadeen that are primed in a temperate/Mediterranean colour scheme.

After that I want to get my painted GZG NAC up to a reinforced platoon strength and get my bug hunting campaign underway, though I’ve only got 48 Space Demons so I might be sending an order over to Jon at Khurasan in a few months time.