Poundland construction playset

I was browsing through Poundland today and came across this.

What caught my eye were the 4 vehicles, 2 diggers and 2 cars, as they looked roughly compatible with 15mm.

First off is the larger digger.

The model itself is pretty flimsy but size wise it looks pretty good. It’ll need some basing to make it a bit more durable.

The other digger looks like it’s in a smaller scale.

Again, the model doesn’t look like it would last an hour with it’s intended audience. Another problem is the size which seems to be smaller than 15mm. I think if I chop the top half of the cab off it would pass as a remote/robotic digger. Problem solved.

First of the two cars is is the more sporty model.

Initially I thought it would be a bit small but I think with a base added to give it extra height it will fit in just nicely.

Last but not least is the family type car. Not sure why it’s in a construction set but it is.

It seems to be a good size though there seems to be a bit of a gap above the wheels. I don’t think this will be a problem, it will mostly be seen from above.

All in all well worth £1 for 4 vehicles and should add a little extra to future games. I bought 3 and might get another few mainly for the construction vehicles.