Peter Pig 15mm moderns review

I’ve just received an order from Peter Pig of some packs from their modern AK-47 range. I had ordered a few packs of US Marines to make up a Marine squad plus a pack of hardened militia to see if they could be used as a force similar to the Afghan National Police, and finally a pack of African militia to be used as Middle Eastern insurgents.

It’s been almost 20 years since I ordered from Peter Pig so it will be interesting to see how they match up with more recent sculpts.

I placed the order on Monday night, it was dispatched on Thursday and arrived on Saturday. You can’t argue with service like that. And the speedy delivery was only the first thing that impressed me about these minis.

The miniatures

Very little clean up was required, mostly cleaning up the underside of the base. Of the 25 figures I cleaned up only 2 had any flash and that was very minimal.

Proportions on all miniatures are realistic as are the poses, each miniature looks like it’s in the middle of battle, either firing or rushing into position. The US Marines in particular look the part, actually looking like they are weighed down with a full load of ammo and supplies.

There have been quite a few comments over the years about Peter Pig’s style with some loving it and some hating it. Personally, I fall into the former category in finding Peter Pig miniatures easy to paint and full of character. Though the open mouths that almost all of them have makes it look like everybody is shouting.

Fitting in with other ranges

When compared to the Flytrap Factory Taliban that will be making up the bulk of my insurgents the Peter Pig miniatures are an almost perfect fit. The Hardened Militia pack is smaller and slighter than the others but not enough to make a difference, as can be seen below.

Left to right. Peter Pig Militia, Flytrap Factory Taliban, Peter Pig US Marine, Peter Pig Hardened Militia, Ground Zero Games New Israeli (old sculpt)


All in all I’m delighted with these miniatures. Production quality is excellent, the sculpts are animated and full of character and the size and bulk allow them to work side by side with many other manufacturers miniatures.  Easily an 8 out of 10.