Painting update

Just a minor update, not had too much time to devote to painting recently.

I managed to get some Poundland loot in the form of 4 Matchbox M-ATVs which work out at round about the right size for 15mm. The only thing I’ve really done to them is add a Peter Pig 50 cal HMG to the turret. I’ve decided to paint them green to mane them very generic, they will be used for modern and sci-fi games. So far they have all had a base coat and wash applied and one has had the base coat and highlights applied.

I’ve also had a crack at painting an MTP inspired cammo. scheme on my 15mm NAC marines. I thought it would be a good idea to test it out on some of the older sculpts first though. Fairly pleased with the results so far. Although the camera phone pictures do a good job of showing up the flaws they look much better when held at normal gaming distance.

Lastly, I had a go at painting US woodland cammo. on a Peter Pig professional with Soviet style helmet but I’m not too happy with it. Need to look for a tutorial or some examples to look at.