Painted miniatures at last

I’ve finally managed to get some painting done. Taking advantage of the Mayday bank holiday I got some Khurasan Space Demons and a GZG wheeled drone.

I used Vallejo U.S. uniform, flat brown and grey (cant remember which one!) then applied an Army Painter Dark Tone ink. Then I repainted with the original colours and highlighted by mixing the original colours with a bit of light grey. Quite happy with my first painted miniature for 11 years. The Vallejo paints were bought 11 or 12 years ago and worked perfectly!

The Space Demons were under-coated with black then painted with Army Painter Uniform Grey. As above an Army painter Dark Tone was applied then heavily dry-brushed with Uniform Grey and lightly dry brushed with Vallejo Stone Grey. Finished off with a Vallejo satin varnish.

Overall I’m happy with my first attempt at painting after so many years though to be honest the miniatures did a lot of the work for me.  The level of detail on 15mm sci-fi miniatures is way above what it was the last time I took up a paintbrush in anger.

Next up is getting the basing right.